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The latest announcement about GalaxyClix
Published on 16-05-2017

Dear member,
As you all know, our paypal account was limited on May 13th, and we worked soon thereafter to submit our necessary documents to paypal, but unfortunately, paypal did not Accept our document. And our account has been permanently capped. As a sad message sent to everyone, we have been online for a month and a half, and paid in full for all of our members. It is very happy to see everyone earning income. But we are still here to overcome this difficult time, our insurance fund needs at least 20 days to open. So we temporarily reduce the withdrawal limit (withdrawal limit will be increased within 1 month)
Therefore, members deposit money via Paypal need to deposit money via Payza or Perfect Money to be paid (members send money via Payza and Perfect Money before being paid).
Here or

The referral contest and the daily point contest will be temporarily closed until our insurance fund is opened.
GalaxyClix - Look to the future.

Best regards,

Referral Contest
Published on 07-05-2017

Dear member,
To day (12h00 05.06.2017 Server time) we are running Referral Contest
The contest will be end at 0h00 06.07.2017 Server time
Winners will be announced 24 hours after the contest ends. Prizes will be awarded to the winner after 48 hours.

The prizes structure by rating:
1st - $250
2nd - $200
3rd - $150
4th - $100
5th - $80
6th - $60
7th - $40
8th - $30
9th - $20
10th - $10

Total: $940

You can follow the top winner: here

How to get referrals?
+ Use our banners:
Show our banner online with a link to GalaxyClix with your username on that link (you can find the banners with the links in your account).
When the visitor clicks that banner, he/she will be sent here.
Then, all he/she has to do is register. We'll take care of the rest for you.
+ Talk:
Just tell everyone to register at GalaxyClix and to type your username in the referrer field when they do so.

All fraudulent behavior on our site will be removed from the contest.
Referrals are counted as valid when there are at least 4 clicks

Best regards,

Notification about payment gateways
Published on 28-04-2017

Detail :

Dear member,
Today we announce to all members about withdrawal on our website.
Members can withdraw money via the payment gateways available on the site, the payment is only accepted when you make the right choice, otherwise you will not be paid.

If you add funds via Perfect Money: You can withdraw money via Perfect Money, Paypal, Payza
If you add funds via Paypal: You can withdraw money via Paypal, Payza
If you add funds via Payza: You can withdraw money via Payza

If you make add funds with multiple payment gateways, the payment gateway which adds more funds will be prioritized.
Free membership can withdraw money via all payment gateways.

You can refer to FAQ 8.
We wish everyone happy with us. Let send us a support ticket if you need assistance.

Best regards,

Weekly Point Contest
Published on 22-04-2017

Dear member,
Weekly Point Contest is starting now! To day we are lauching the first Point Contest of GalaxyClix.
The contest begins today at 0h and end in April 29,2017 at 0h server time.
The winners will be announced here on April 30,2017 at 0h server time.
The prizes structure by rating:

1st - $150 :
2nd - $100 :
3rd - $70 :
4th - $50 :
5th - $30 :
6th - $10 :
7th - $10 :
8th - $10 :
9th - $10 :
10th - $10 :

You can follow the top 100 here

How to get points?

+ Points per ptc click: 1
+ Points per gird click: 1
+ Points per forum post: 1
+ Points per direct referral: 10
+ Points per dollar deposited: 10
+ Points per completed micro job: 10

Note: All fraudulent behavior on our site will be removed from the contest.

Best regards,

Promos deposit via Payza and Perfect Money up to 15%
Published on 21-04-2017

Dear member,

First of all, we sincerely thank you for staying with us for almost a month. 
We give gratitude to all members.Bonus deposit via Payza and Perfect Money:

5% Deposit bonus $10 - $100 
10% Deposit bonus $100 - $500  
15% Deposit bonus $500+ 

Promotion applies to all our members.
Bonus will be added to your account manually within 24 hours.
Promotion expires at 0h April 28, 2017 Sever Time

Best regards,

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